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SoundEnergy’s technology can accept heat from a wide range of sources, as long as it is above 160°C if in a fluid or 300°C if in a gas (e.g. a flue or generator exhaust).


The THEAC-25 is applicable for sustainable cooling of your building space.

The THEAC-25 is applicable for sustainable cooling of your building space. With waste heat directly from the factory stack the THEAC-25 can pre-cool production halls and office space at the factory plant which need active cooling. Waste heat driven applications:

• Food handling space
• Production space
• Storage / Cold storage
• Offices

Our technology may also make use of concentrated solar thermal panels where no waste heat exists. The economics of such a system is however limited to circumstances of very high energy pricing ( > 20 euro cents / kWh) where ample sunshine is available. Stay tuned however, as we are developing a version of our technology which will be much more suitable for solar applications!


Industrial process

Almost every industrial process has a heating component and needs active cooling for handling activities (bread, metal, ceramics), packing or production process (hydrogen, crystallization, prilling). Energy consumption bills can be dramatically reduced by cooling with industrial process waste heat. Some waste heat driven applications include:

• Food-Bakeries
• Die cast/metal wire production
• Metal hardening production
• Hydrogen production
• Textiles-laundry cooling
• Prilling tower cooling


Maritime projects

A variety of vessels are highly suited for our technology, due to the high temperatures available and simultaneous need for cooling. The heat from the generator can be used for cooling the bridge, kitchen storage and berths, without the hazardous gasses used in compressor coolers. Applications include:

• Dredging vessels
• Commercial vessels
• Military vessels
• Cruise ships


Mobile and off grid

A number of off grid applications can generate significant fuel savings by using exhaust gas to drive cooling. In cases of extreme electricity costs, solar thermal-driven applications may also be an option. Applications include:

• Fresh products cooling
• Medical cold chain
• Expeditioner Compound cooling


Frequently asked questions:

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Container demo

Order a demo at your industrial plant and experience the unique economic benefits and sustainable features of the THEAC. It does not take more than one parking place near your production plant. We are more than happy to contact you after ordering and to plan a convincing demo and discuss the details.