The THEAC-25 is applicable for various industries, because the heat source that drives the THEAC-25 can differ.


The THEAC-25 is applicable for sustainable cooling of your building space. Driven by a collector field of 120 m² vacuum tube collectors (from the roof) one THEAC-25 provides 25kW cooling during sun hours. Solar driven applications:

• Retail building / Shopping malls
• Schools
• Utility building
• Leisure building / Hotel resorts / Sporting arenas
• Agriculture stables

With waste heat directly from the factory stack the THEAC-25 can pre-cool production halls and office space at the factory plant which need active cooling. Waste heat driven applications:

• Food handling space
• Production space
• Storage / Cold storage
• Offices


Industrial process

Almost every industrial process has a heating component and needs afterwards active cooling for handling activities (bread, metal, ceramics), packing or production process (hydrogen, crystallization, prilling). The energy bill can be dramatically reduced by cooling with industrial process waste heat. Waste heat driven applications:

• Food-Bakeries
• Die cast/metal wire production
• Metal hardening production
• Hydrogen production
• Textiles-laundry cooling
• Prilling tower cooling


Maritime project

Dredging vessels are active in harbors in upcoming economies in hot climates. The vessels suffer from extensive sun radiation and Diesel generators. The heat from the generator can be fully used for cooling the bridge, kitchen storage and berth. Without the hazardous gasses like in compressor coolers. Waste heat driven applications:

• Dredging vessels
• Commercial vessels
• Military vessels
• Cruise ships


Mobile container cooling

The THEAC-25 build in a 20ft. sea container equipped with concentrated solar collectors. Plug and play durable cooling economical feasible and off grid. Solar driven applications:

• Fresh products cooling
• Medical cold chain
• Expeditioner Compound cooling


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Container demo

Order a demo at your industrial plant and experience the unique economic benefits and sustainable features of the THEAC. It does not take more than one parking place near your production plant. We are more than happy to contact you after ordering and to plan a convincing demo and discuss the details.

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